Warranty Policy

All products delivered by KITTO will come with a genuine warranty.
If you have any problems related to product quality, please contact KITTO’s national hotline: +84 901 887 468


The warranty period depends on the product and its components.

Sanitary wares: 5-year warranty on accessories (soft plastic cover, exhaust kit) and 20 years of porcelain enamel.
Shower head 05 years warranty (body material, core components).
Accessories warranty 03 years.


  • Warranty case:

Products are still in the warranty period.
Warranty card is full of information, warranty stamps are intact, not torn or erased.
Product failure due to component quality or manufacturer error.
Products are not covered by the warranty.

  • Where not covered by warranty:
  • Damages caused by improper transport, installation, use, and maintenance. Disobey the contents presented in the product installation and use instruction manual.
  • Damage caused by self-assembly, repair, or replacement of products with parts or components that are not KITTO.
  • Damage caused by the installation of products in an environment with corrosive elements (alkaline, salt, or acidic environments)
  • Damage to electrical and electronic products that do not follow product performance parameters such as pressure, frequency, etc.
  • Parts often need to be replaced due to aging, corrosion over time using such as batteries, rubber gaskets, gaskets, washers, strainers …
  • Error arising from the construction process, or architectural algae affect the product.
  • Failure of water damage due to freezing.
  • Damages caused by rubbing, scratching, smudging due to long-term use, hygiene activities or water and air conditions.
  • Using or letting detergents containing acids, varnishes, and corrosive solutions come into contact with the product surface causing smudges, flaking, deformation of the product surface.
  • The damage caused by animals and insects.
  • Force majeure conditions such as natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, lightning strikes, etc.), or objective causes (fire, electric shock, etc.)